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Muscogee Manor is a complete, modern, skilled nursing facility. It is licensed by the State of Georgia and is approved for Medicare and Medicaid. Services offered include medical, dental, optometry, podiatry services, and diet supervision by a registered dietician. A Director of Nursing, Registered Nurses, Licenses Practical Nurses, Social Service workers and therapists are some of the professional staff. Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Maintenance personnel are also on staff.

Our Services

Skilled, Compassionate Care.

We offer a broad range of services to support recovery from accidents and health events and promote long term health goals for each and every one of our patients.

Special services offered are a Rehabilitation Center located in the Spano room and an Alzheimer unit located on West Wing. Typical conditions treated in the Rehabilitation unit include hip fractures, joint replacements, amputations, and strokes. Programs are administered by Registered Therapists under the supervision of a physician.

The Rehabilitation Center offers Physical Therapy intended to help the patient attain the highest function level; Occupational Therapy designed to help residents relearn active daily living skills; Speech Therapy to improve language skills, correct swallowing disorders, and deal with reality orientation; Respiratory Therapy to improve patents’ breathing, increasing endurance, so they can function effectively in physical therapy. 

Alzheimer patients receive special care in a wing designed just for them. The area has the resident’s rooms, a large glassed in activity area, and a patio with a fenced in yard. An Activity Assistant is assigned to the unit to develop and perform appropriate activities for the Alzheimer resident.

Physical Therapy

Helping patients attain the highest level of function to promote a healthy lifestyle

Occupational Therapy

Relearning essential skills for active daily living to foster independence

Speech Therapy

Improve language skills, correct swallowing disorders, and more

Respiratory Therapy

Improving breathing and endurance to support physical therapy


staying active


Muscogee Manor also has a full time Activity Director and staff working with residents to encourage participation in social, physical, and spiritual activities. They exemplify the philosophy of Muscogee Manor. This philosophy is that the dignity of each individual shall be preserved, each person should be encouraged to retain his/her independence, and the medical, social, physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of each person should be fulfilled.


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Volunteer Program

There is a Volunteer Program in place at Muscogee Manor that also adheres to this philosophy. Volunteers work closely with the Activity Department. They are involved in administering to the residents by reading to them, writing letters, helping with field trips, taking residents to church, decorating the facility, preparing refreshments, singing, remembering residents with birthday cards, shopping, playing games, gardening, and many other personal services. Muscogee Manor is a member of the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and follows the principals of the AHCA Volunteer Program.


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Training Program

Muscogee Manor has an outstanding training program. An In-Service training program keeps current employees updated and trained on procedures and safety. Each new employee attends training and orientation prior to being placed on duty. Muscogee Manor also has its own Certified Nurse Aide training classes. These classes are conducted by a well qualified licensed practical nurse. Students are trained in practical and technical aspects of nurse aide duties. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive Georgia State Certification and are employed by Muscogee Manor. The class size ranges from six to ten students.


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